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Thanks to technology, homework and research isn't what it used to be! At, the public library provides a variety of specialized online research tools designed to assist students academically.

The first steps, first words, first day of school are all celebratory landmarks in your child's development, but few of us care to remember the first day we are unable to help our child with his homework. What do you do when the assignment is due tomorrow and you don't know how to find the answer? Put your library card to use! HelpNow is a wonderful resource that provides students of all ages--adult learners, too--access to free, live, online tutors. They won't give the answer, but instead teach them how to find it on their own.

Do you remember when SAT prep meant buying a practice book, circling the answers and then flipping back and forth to see how well you did? Not anymore! The Testing & Education Reference Center provides online test practice and automatically corrects exams so students can keep track of their improvements and know exactly where they need to focus their efforts. A wide variety of tests such as AP, SAT, GED and the GRE are offered .

If your student is learning a foreign language or if you want to dust off your high school Spanish, Mango Languages is the perfect tool! Easy online tutorials let you hone your skills and practice your pronunciation. If you're seeking a new job and want to update your resume then JobNow allows you to upload it to one of their job coaches. You'll receive suggested edits within 24 hours and, if your computer has a videocamera, you can even practice your interview skills live with a JobNow expert.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all of these possible resources (or even by technology in general) the library offers Training on Demand, personalized assistance from an expert instructor.

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Pouches' Community Corner

This month Pouches poked her head into an exciting new program for teens interested in law enforcement.

pouches explorers

The long running Spotsylvania Sheriff’s cadet program has reorganized as a Boy Scout Explorer troop, said Sgt. Blackington, who took over the program in February 2017.