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Fredericksburg is full of interesting artists who can cultivate your inner creative. Meet two local talents who have made a career in the arts and can help your children tap into their artistic potential:

antheaName: Anthea Poole, also known by my Arabic dance name, "Kawakib"
Age: 58
Occupation: Dance teacher/Owner "Bellydance by Anthea"
What do you do: I teach weekly belly dance classes, write about belly dance and direct a performing group.
Number of Students: 24
Age Range: Teens through seniors
Fun Fact: I love that we often have moms and their teenage daughter in class together. There's a mom/daughter pair in the "Bellydance 3" class right now, and they'll be performing with my group (the PRISM Dancers) at the UMW Multicultural Fair this year. A couple of years ago we had three mom/daughter pairs in our Student Recital!
Quote That: "The Performing Arts are more than creative; they also give you wonderful memories."
Influences: My dance teacher Sandra "Bedia" McQueen. She taught me about business, the art of performing and the craft of teaching (besides how to belly dance).
Where to find Anthea: 


Name: Brandon Yowell
Age: 36
brandon-artOccupation: Art Teacher
What do you do: watercolor, inks, pencil rendering, pastels
How many students do you have: 20
Age Range: 8-15; they're all in same class and mesh well together. They're all just in there creating. It's really cool.
Fun Fact: One of his students, Marianna, has completed her first 24-page comic book and is taking it on tour at the Baltimore Comic Con in September.
Quote That: "Draw everything. Draw from life. Draw the coffee cup, your dog, your parents. Don't take the easy route and draw directly from comics. You have to do better than the person you're drawing from. If you can provoke an emotion from someone, that's what you want."
Influences: Jeff Gingrich (friend)
Where to find Brandon: The Creative Side (Jackson St)

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