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And more than a dozen other ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your



Over 34 million Americans claim Irish ancestry - nine times the population of Ireland itself.  While almost a quarter of those boasting Irish heritage live in Massachusetts, families across the country have embraced this festive, spring holiday every March 17.

Whether you're Irish eyes are smiling, or you're just joining in the festivities of the local St. Patrick's Day parade, add a touch of green in your family celebrations with these fun family activities...


Fiddles and jigs

Music and dance are among the most popular ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the season is prime for getting kids up, moving and dancing around. Introduce the family to some contemporary music titles by The Chieftains, Sinead O'Connor, U2 and Enya or enjoy the traditional Irish tunes of "Toora, Loora, Loora" and "Molly Malone" with "The Very Best of The Irish Tenors" CD. Kids will love songs from the CD "Putumayo Kids Presents: Celtic Dreamland".

As for dancing, put a little Irish jig in your day by following these eight steps at


On the screen

While you're browsing movie selections at the local video store or library, consider Irish-themed films, including "Far and Away" (rated PG- 13), featuring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman; or the classic musical "Finian's Rainbow" (rated G) starring Fred Astaire.

Looking for a little history? Visit the History Channel's Website to view video clips about the history of St. Patrick's Day, Shamrocks and the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade. (


In clover

Add green to your home with some shamrocks this St. Patrick's Day, available seasonally at florists and many grocery store floral departments. The three-leaf clover is the national emblem of Ireland, originally called seamroy by the Celts.

Green carnations are fun for kids to create, too. A few days before St. Patrick's celebration, purchase white carnations at your local grocery store. Cut the stems on an angle, place in warm water with about 20 drops of green food coloring. Overnight, your white carnations will turn a festive green.

Or, let the kids make their own tissue paper carnations. Fold green tissue paper accordion style, twist a pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper and carefully fan out tissue to create the bloom.


Green eggs  and...corned beef?

Cabbage has long been an Irish food. However, serving corned beef has American roots and originated at the turn of the century when Irish immigrants substituted a less expensive corned beef for traditional Irish bacon.

Kids will love their Irish bacon served up with some green eggs . . . and a few drops of blue food coloring will turn your scrambled eggs emerald green. For hurried wee folk, a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal will suffice, or make a quick loaf of Irish soda bread with a recipe from

A little green food coloring goes a long way in adding green to the day. Add it to potato soup or an icy cold glass of milk. For dessert, ice your favorite cake with green icing and try a little rainbow sherbet served with a few chocolate gold coins -  sure to bring smiles to Irish eyes at your table.


Gifts of gab and song

Kiss the virtual Blarney stone, 1.shtm, and read about the gift of gab and this traditional Irish story. Or, let kids transform a rock of their own with shamrock stickers and a little green paint. Then pass it around the house and let everyone give it a smooch for luck.

After dinner, gather 'round to sing "O Danny Boy" (tune and lyrics at, and enjoy a little Irish coffee - or hot chocolate with a dash of mint extract for your little leprechauns. Add whipped cream, a few green sugar sprinkles and make a toast on this special day.


Fun St. Patrick's Day Facts from the Census Bureau, 2006

93 million people planned to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

9 U.S. cities share the name of Ireland's capital, Dublin.

8 million St. Patrick's Day cards were exchanged.

4 places in the U.S. are named Shamrock, in West Virginia, Texas, Indiana and Oklahoma.

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