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Flu Season, Meet IckyTrack

Fredericksburg, VA—When cold and flu season hits a household with kids, parents are faced with a cascade of thermometers under arms and medicine bottles on the counter. And if those parents have to hand off care for the kids from one person to another, it's hard to keep track of which symptoms have hit and when the last dose of Children's Tylenol was given.
IckyTrack is a new app designed to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to taking care of sick family members.

"My wife and I both work, and when one of our two kids gets sick, we needed an easy way to logo2 299 x 600exchange data about how they were doing," said Chris Muldrow, the designer of IckyTrack. "The app keeps us from trying to shuffle around scraps of paper or have to call each other all day long for the latest updates."

IckyTrack, which is available on the Apple iTunes Store, allows users to add kids, elderly parents or even themselves as "Ickees." Then, when an Ickee gets sick, the user can track temperature readings, symptoms and medicine doses. An Ickee can be shared with other users so a spouse, grandparent, daycare worker or nanny can update and view information on the Ickee.

All of the data is timestamped, and IckyTrack shows a timeline of care. That timeline can be emailed to someone else as well, so users can communicate their care with a doctor.

An Android version of IckyTrack is in development and should be released soon.

Several users have told Muldrow that they intend to use IckyTrack not just to track their kids, but to track their own health or the health of parents in their care.

"All of us have had the moment at the doctor where they ask, 'When did these symptoms first start?'" Muldrow said. "IckyTrack is a way to save an answer to that question. We're planning to use it during the spring just in case we're out in the woods and find a tick on us."
IckyTrack has already come in handy for Muldrow, whose daughter got strep throat the day the app was approved by Apple and went on the app store.

"We certainly didn't plan it, but we ended up tracking temperatures and amoxicillin all weekend after IckyTrack went live," Muldrow said

Muldrow is the owner of Rambletype, a digital development company in Fredericksburg, Va.
There's more information about IckyTrack, a signup for an Android launch notification and a link to the app at

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