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Parade of Homes - Fredericksburg Area Builders Association


FABA Parade logo

If you’re planning to build a home, this year’s Parade of Homes, hosted by FABA (Fredericksburg Area Builders Association), needs to be on your radar. Nineteen homes will be showcased and everything from tiny homes to million-dollar estates will be available to tour. Spend the weekend getting amazing home inspiration and talking with the builders themselves. It’s like walking through HGTV right in your hometown!

We sat down with Scott Hine and Chrissy Urian of FABA to get the rundown on Parade of Homes and why it’s the absolute builder event of the season.

Q: What is Parade of Homes?
Parade of Homes is the big showcase of the year for area builders. This event in particular gives them the opportunity to show off what they do. This year, we have 15 builders and 19 homes entered. The homes run the gamut from tiny homes to million-dollar homes. We have single family homes, 55+ homes and townhouses. It's anything and everything you want to see, at all different price points. The homes are located all over the greater Fredericksburg area. The Parade of Homes takes place the first two weekends in October. Judging takes place the final week.

Q: How do I get info on the houses? Do I just show up?
Every home entered is open to the public for tours, during the first two weekends in October. You’ll need to go to the website, or grab our booklet (available on newsstands around town), or pick up Fred Parent’s September issue, for the map. The houses’ descriptions and images will also be in the magazine and booklet, and continuously updated on the website. We’re also very excited about our new app called Fredericksburg Parade of Homes. This year, it’s dedicated totally to Fredericksburg’s Parade of Homes. It will have a map, pictures, descriptions of each home and more!

Q: What is the awards ceremony like? Is it open to the public?
It is open to public, but by ticket only. You can purchase tickets on our website Select the “Celebration” button on the main menu, then select “Join the Celebration”. You may also purchase tickets by calling FABA at 540-898-2730. It’s always a lot of fun! We’ll have hors d’oeuvres and drinks, but the main event is the announcement of the winners. Builders are judged by volunteers within the industry. The categories are determined by what types of homes are entered. We’ll need 3-4 homes for each category, at the very least. What’s interesting is that this year we have a smaller number of entries than we’ve seen in the past. Many builders have already sold the homes they planned on entering! It’s a great problem to have! That being said, we won’t know what the categories are until opening week when all the entries are accounted for.

Winners receive a large plaque, the iconic blue ribbon and of course the recognition of being Best in Class! The most prestigious award is the Pinnacle Builders Award. It’s awarded to the builder who was most engaged with the association when building their home. One of the things FABA tries to do is help build the association and support the industry. The rising tide raises all ships. The Pinnacle Builders Award can go to any builder, regardless of their entry.

Q: Are the houses an example of what the builders normally do, or is Parade of Homes seen as an opportunity to be creative?
All of the above! The entries you’ll tour range from traditional model homes to $2.5-million custom homes. We do get some very unique homes entered, which is really fun! Some builders go all out to showcase their range. Others will enter a house from their catalog, to showcase a home and features they excel at building. You get the best of both worlds.

Q: If I see a model I like, it should be pretty easy to get the builder’s information, call them and ask, “I really like your entry. Can I get it built?” Right?
Yes! One of the best reasons for people to attend this event is because the builders are on site. They’ll be all hands on deck these two weekends. It’s a great time! It’s good to just get out there and see what’s being done, so you can get a better idea of what you like, and see who’s building it. Many smaller builders don’t have six models available, but they build a phenomenal house. So this is also a chance to meet these smaller builders, who might be the perfect fit for what you are looking for.

FABA parade home2

Q: If I go to the event and fall in love with a $1.2-million home, it wouldn’t be crazy to approach the builder and ask if they build a home in my price range, right? The same goes with location?
Correct. Most builders can build all price points and styles. Some builders work in a tight location circle. Parade of Homes participants are building all over Fredericksburg. Some may go little beyond into Northern Virginia. A lot of builders will offer semi-custom homes. Which is where they have preset floor plans and you choose through available options and prices. Some are pure custom builders, where each home is one of a kind, with a unique price. Many build both. The possibilities are endless! The main thing is to talk to the builders.

Q: What message do you want to send our readers about Parade of Homes or about building a new house?
If you’re building a home, you’re going to be in a relationship with the builder for months. You need to know that you can work together. Some builders are more hands on and some are more hands off. Get to know them a little and make sure your personalities are compatible.

There really is no better time for prospective new home buyers than these two weekends, because of the concentration of builders and styles available. If you just see one model home on your way home from work, you don’t really get a good sense of what that builder can do. Just get out there and see the homes, and remember to talk to the builders!

The bottom line? Parade of Homes is an unparalleled opportunity to meet area builders and see what they can do! This is the time of year to pick a builder. If you plan on building, you should plan on coming to this event.

We’ll be on site chatting LIVE on Facebook with Scott Thursday, September 14, at 11 a.m.! Come join the conversation as we explore a Parade of Homes house!

See the digital edition version of this article INCLUDING the map of the homes!

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Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) - 2017



New City Fellowship

When: June 19-23; 9 am - 12:30 pm

Where: 200 Prince Edward St. F'burg, 22401

Contact: Nina Pifer- 540-899-5349

 passport to peru

Salem Baptist Church

June 19 - 23; 6 - 8 pm

Where: 4044 Plank Rd F'burg, 22407



Spotswood Baptist Church

When: June 19 - 23; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 4009 Lafayette Blvd Fredericksburg, VA 22408



Aquia Episcopal Church

When: June 26 - 30; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 2398 Jeff Davis Hwy, Stafford

 StarveyorsLogo 4c

Goshen Baptist Church

When: June 26 - 30; 9 am 12 pm

Where: 9800 Gordon Rd, Spotsy, 22553


Ebenezer United Methodist Church

When: June 26 - 30; 6 - 8:45 pm

Where: 161 Embrey Mill Rd Stafford 22554


Fredericksburg United Methodist Church

June 26 - 30; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 308 Hanover St, F'burg 22401

 maker fun factory

Resurrection Lutheran

When: June 26-29; 5:30 - 8:15 pm

Where: 6170 Plank Rd, F'burg, 22407



Massaponax Baptist Church

When: June 26 - July 1; 6 - 9 pm

Where: 5101 Massaponax Church Rd, F'burg, 22407




Wilderness Baptist Church

When: July 10 -14; 9 am-12:15 pm

Where: 9701 Plank Rd Spotsy, 22553


Grace Church of F'burg

When: July 10 - 14; 9 am - 12 pm

Where:1141 Heatherstone Dr F'burg, 22407


Fredericksburg Baptist Church

When: July 10 - 13; 9 am - 12 pm 

Where: 1019 Princess Anne St, F'burg, 22401

 operation arctic

Stafford County Christian Church

When: July 16 - 20; 5:30 - 8pm

Where: 1813 Mountain View Rd., Stafford 22556


Hope Presbyterian Church

When: July 17 - 21; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 11121 Leavells Rd, F'burg, 22407


Colonial Baptist Church

When: July 17 - 21; 6:30 - 8:15 pm

Where: 2726 Jeff Davis Hwy, Stafford


New Life in Christ Church

When: July 17 - 21; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 11925 Burgess Ln, F'burg, 22407


Trinity Bible Church

When: July 17 - 21; 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Where: 6331 Campus Dr, F'burg, 22407


Ramoth Baptist Church

When: July 31 - Aug 4; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 478 Ramoth Church Rd., Stafford


Ferry Farm Baptist Church

July 31 - Aug 4; 9am - 12:15pm

1 Westmoreland Dr, F'burg, 22405




Regester Chapel United Methodist Church

When: Aug 7 - 11; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 85 Bells Hill Rd, Stafford


Redeemer Lutheran

When: Aug 14 - 18; 9 am - 12 pm

Where: 5120 Harrison Rd, F'burg,  22408

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The Scarecrows Are Coming!

Welcome to Fredericksburg's 3rd annual ScarecrowFest! The winners are in!

People's Choice Awards:

Funniest: Kickshaws Downtown Market

Best Use of Business Theme VA Partners Bank

Spookiest: Jay's Downtown Sports Lounge

Historic: FoodE

Judges Choice: We had to get the tiebreaker judge, Ted Schubel for the final decision. Thank you to Patrick Ahearn of Riverside Center for the Performing Arts, Carole Garmon, art professor from University of Mary Washington and Betsy Glassie, Fredericksburg's very own talent artist. Drum roll...

Funniest: Heather Boutique

Best Use of Business theme: Fraser Wood Elements

Spookiest: Pa Dutch Food & Candy Company

Historic: James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library

See photos on the Fredericksburg Downtown Facebook page

Thank you to all the busineses who participated this year, and to everyone who voted!


Click for the larger map of scarecrow locations!

scarecrow map small

Click each tab below to see a list of businesses partcipating in each theme. 


The Scarecrows Are Coming!

  • Funniest

  • Spookiest

  • Business Theme

  • Historic Theme

Map # -- Business Name -- Address

#60-- 25 30 Espresso -- 400 Princess Anne Street

#19-- Backdoor Gallery -- 819 Caroline St

#47-- Crown Jewelers of Fredericksburg -- 200 William St

#24-- Heather Boutique -- 721 Caroline St

#2— Kickshaws Downtown Market and Kitchen -- 101 William St

#61-- LibertyTown Art Works -- 916 Liberty St

#3-- Manarc, Borne the Battle -- 107 William St

#37-- Peacaloo Boutique -- 720 Caroline St

#35-- PONSHOP -- 712 Caroline St

#13-— R & R Antiques -- 1001 Caroline St

#9-- The Kitchen at Whittingham -- 1019 Caroline St

#41-- Thistle & Ash -- 806 Caroline St

Map # -- Business Name -- Address

#28-- Agora Downtown Coffee Shop -- 520 Caroline St

#14-— Capital Ale House -- 917 Caroline St

#52-- Jays Downtown Sports Lounge -- 409 William St

#10-- PA Dutch Food & Candy -- 1015 Caroline St

#11-- PA Dutch Tea & Spice -- 1013 Caroline St

#45-- Shoppes at Caroline square -- 914 Caroline St

#49-- The Scenter of Town -- 907 Charles St

#27-- Vanity Salon -- 531 Caroline St

Map # -- Business Name -- Address

#32-- 2 Hearts 1 Dress -- 614 Caroline St

#39-- Alan Chalmers -- 205 Hanover St

#40-- Alan Furs and Bash Boutique -- 804 Caroline St

#26-- Aspetto Menswear -- 619 Caroline St

#38-- Benny Vitali's -- 722 Caroline St

#6-- Body Works Athletic Club -- 1027 Caroline St

#5-— Central Rappahannock Regional Library -- 1201 Caroline St

#51-- Community Bank of the Chesapeake -- 425 William St

#59-- Craftworks Studios -- 301 Layafette St

#54-- Dog Krazy -- 307 William St

#43-- Dragonfly Yoga Studio -- 810 Caroline St

#64-- East Coast Vapers --  612 Caroline Street

#16-- Flowers by Val -- 911 Caroline St

#7-- Fraser Wood Elements -- 1023 Caroline St

#20—- Frenchman's Corner -- 817 Caroline St

#33-- Fredericksburg Brew Exchange -- 610 Caroline St

#29/30/31-- Fredericksburg Fire/Police/Sheriff -- 601 Princess Anne St.

#34-- Fredericksburg Visitor Center -- 706 Caroline St

#62-- Italian Station -- 620 Caroline St.

#42-- Jabberwocky -- 810 Caroline St

#23-- Lady Legacy -- 723 Caroline St

#25 -- Lord & Lilly’S, INC. -- 709 Caroline St

#46-- Made in Virginia -- 920 Caroline St

#53-- Olde Towne Butcher -- 401 William St

#22-- Pye & Co -- 809 Caroline St

#1-- River Rock Outfitter -- 915 Sophia St

#36-- Skin+Touch Therapy Spa -- 714 Caroline St

#4-- Sophia Street Studios -- 1104 Sophia St

#12-- Southern Accents -- 807 Caroline St

#21 -- Taste Oil Vinegar Spice -- 815 Caroline St

#15-— The Card Cellar -- 915 Caroline St

#18-- Ulman's Jewelry -- 903 Caroline St

#63-- VA Partners Bank -- 410 William St

#44-- Virginia Hill -- 900 Caroline St

#8-- Whittingham -- 1021 Caroline St

#55-- Willow -- 305 William St

#17-- Cork & Table, Fredericksburg Area Service League -- 909 Caroline St

#58-- FOODE -- 900 Princess Anne St

#48-- James Monroe Museum -- 908 Charles St


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fredericksburg area summer fun

Interested in keeping the kiddos busy this summer? Love the outdoors? Want to stay inside in the A/C? This great list of area activities should help get you started. Scroll down for all the fun! Also be sure to check out the other resources here on our website like summer camps and our day trippin' guide!

summer camps guide button
summer camps calendar button
day trippin
pool guide button
vbs list button






Paragon Summer Movies: Every Tues/Wed/Thurs: June 23 - Aug 21. FREE Summer movies at Paragon Theater at the Spotsy Towne Centre! First come, first served! See the list of movies HERE.

CMoR-F'burg: Spiderman & Friends: July 19. Time TBD. Spiderman and friends will be swinging over to CMoR Fredericksburg for very special performances during the Children's Museum of Richmond's Summer Series! Admission is $5!

CMoRCMoR-F'burg: Diggity Dudes: July 25. 11 am & 1 pm. Join us and come dance and sing with some of the coolest dudes we know! Don't miss out on all the musical fun that will be sure to cool down your summer! This event is FREE with museum admission.

Splitsville Lanes: Every Tuesday, bowl for $2 a game, per person, plus get $2 shoes from 4 p.m. to close. Where: Spotsy Towne Centre.

AMF Bowling: Now through Sept 7. Free bowling for kids all summer long! Shoe rental not included. Register online at or pick up your passes at location.

Liberty Lanes Bowling: June 15 - Aug 30. Bowl all summer long for $2/game and $2 shoe rental at Liberty Center. Register online w/ valid email and you will receive a weekly email with your bowling certificate for $2 bowling/game. Visit for details and to sign up!

Golden Skate World: Summer Fun: June 17 - Aug 26. All two hour sessions just $5! Wednesdays 10 am - 12 pm and Wednesdays 1:00 - 3:00 pm. Thurs: 1 - 3 pm and 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Fridays 1:00 - 3:00. Where: 12220 Five Mile Rd, F'burg, 22407. 

crrlLibrary Fun: All CRRL Branches. Visit for great events for all ages! Fun reading celebrations, new Fabulous Fridays, STEM events, superhero events and much more!

CYT Presents: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: July 25: 2 pm & 7 pm; July 26: 3 pm; Aug 1: 2 pm & 7 pm; Aug 2: 3 pm. Where: Spotsy High School, 6975 Courthouse Rd, 22551. Cost: Online: $15 or $16/Door.



Picnic in the Park: Every Tues in June & Sept: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Live music, children's activities, moon bounce, and more! Free! Bring a picnic lunch! Where: Hurkamp Park, F'burg.

Flying Circus Aerodrome Show: Sundays, 2:30 - 4 pm. Parachute jumpers, wing walkers, vintage biplane tricks and more! Cost: Adults: $15. $13 w/ valid military ID. Children 5-12: $ 7. Kids under 5 are Free! Where: 5114 Ritchie Rd, Bealeton. 

pnatsPotomac Nationals Games: Check out this minor league team's schedule packed with family fun games where kids can run the bases, fireworks after the game, special pricing and more! 

Movie Under the Stars: Every Saturday through Sept 5: 7 pm. Bring your own blankets/chairs and join us for FREE movie on the Jumbotron! Where: Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center 14900 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge, 22191. For movie schedule: 

potomac pointPotomac Point Winery: Outdoor Movie Nights: Monthly through Aug. Watch a movie on our 16 ft. Big Screen. Wine, cheese boards and ice cream will be available for purchase. Tickets are available online for advanced purchase or at the door! Cost: Online: $9.99/person. At the door: $15/person. Children 2 and under are free! Where: 275 Decatur Rd, Stafford.

History at Sunset in Stafford: June 12: 7 pm: Starting the Show: A Walk to the Upper Pontoon Crossing, Chatham. July 31: 7 pm: Belle Plains: Gateway to War. Meet at Belle Plains Boat Club, 984 Belle Plains Road, 22405. Bring a lawn chair. August 7: 8 pm: Life of a House: Chatham by Candlelight. For more info, call the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center at 540-373-6122.

History at Sunset: We are happy to announce that we will host 10 programs for our popular Friday night History at Sunset series in 2015! Stay tuned, as we will post our full schedule soon.
Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair: July 31 - Aug 9. Head to the oldest fair in the United States! Join us in celebrating traditional fair events, contests, entertainment, food and fun for the whole family! 




Pots and PalettesPots and Palettes: Canvas Art for Kids: June 5, 12, 19, 26: 5 pm. Where: 1104 Sophia St, F'burg.

Pots and Palettes: Family Days: Thursdays: 2 for 1 Studio Fee all day!

Michaels: Passport to Imagination: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: June 15 - July 31: 10 am - 12 pm. Join us on an imaginary 7 week road trip from the beach to the county fair and beyond w/ fun kids' crafts at each stop. Register in store or online. Cost: $5/Session.

Summer Fun Wednesdays @ A.C. Moore: TBA-Check back for details soon!



Music on the Library Steps: Every Monday: June 1 - Aug 24: 7 pm. Bring a lawn chair, blanket and picnic supper and enjoy music outside of the HQ Library in downtown F'burg every Monday evening in the summer! In case of inclement weather, the concert moves inside the theater. For schedule: 

Sounds of Summer Concert Series: Fridays through Labor Day, 7 pm. Join us in Market Square for great music from all different genres. This year we will also be hosting local food vendors in Market Square, so bring your family and friends down for a treat!

stafford songfestStafford Songfest Sundays: Every 3rd Sunday June - Sept: 3 - 5 pm. Whether you're a fan of vintage rock, classic country, or rhythm & blues, we're sure to have a concert that moves you! Pack a picnic lunch and bring the entire family for a day filled with music and song! Where: Celebration Stage at John Lee Pratt Memorial Park. Cost: $10/car. Rain or shine.

Lake Anna Sunset Concert Series: June 27, July 25, & Aug 22: 5:30 pm Live bands and the best views of Lake Anna's famed sunsets Come by boat or land! Great fun for the whole family. Badminton and Corn Hole too. Where: Lake Anna Point Marina, 13703 Anna Point Lane, Mineral, VA. Free! 

CVLCelebrate Virginia Live Summer Concerts: Featuring: July 28: Heart, July 31: Hank Williams, Jr.; Aug 21: Chris Young. Where: By the F'burg Expo Center, Gordon W. Shelton Blvd, F'burg, 22401. 

Music on the Green: Every Thursday evening Aug 6 - September 24: 7 - 9 pm. Bring a lawn chair and relax with Potomac Point Winery and enjoy live music featuring an eclectic mix of Jazz, Country, Classic Rock, Funk and more. Where: On the Village Green Sephora Stage near Bravo! Cucina Italiana. In case of inclement weather Music on the Green will be featured in the Parmida Building across from Sephora.



barnes nobleBarnes & Noble Summer Reading Program: Read any 8 books, record them on THIS sheet to turn in to our store and then choose a FREE BOOK from our selection on the Reading Journal list at the store... Enjoy reading!

Books-a-Million Summer Reading: Read any 6 books by Aug 16, have a parent/guardian complete THIS form, and return to your local store to receive a FREE Theodore Boone pencil and pencil case.

Chuck E. Cheese Reading Rewards: Download and print out THIS calendar, Mark the days off with a pen or sticker as your child accomplishes their goals, and then Bring in the completed calendars to Chuck E. Cheese's and receive 10 free tokens as a reward!

Summer Reading Club at Central Regional Rappahannock Library: Starting June 1: Sign up online at All ages! You get prizes just for signing up, and if you are a kid or a teen, you get prizes for continuing to read throughout the summer. All branches.



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Local Author on Mission to Nip Bullying in the Bud for Upcoming School Year

The ‘I Am Not Afraid’ Anti-Bullying Stage Play

Play Aims to Keep Little Bullies from Becoming Bigger Ones 

Bullying is a problem affecting communities and school systems of all sizes. It frustrates teachers and administrators, angers parents and eats away at the self-esteem of thousands of victims every year.  The subject of bullying weighed heavy on the mind of local children’s book author Ayana Sala Baugh as she prepares her own son for his first year of public schooling during this upcoming year.

“The idea that my son, who is a happy, normal and trusting boy being tormented by bullies during his first year of school was more than I could bear.  I got to thinking about it, did some research and after see all the damage inflicted by them I then decided to do something about it.”

What the author did was enlist the support of local thespians, secure the Caroline County Community Center for two days in September and write a musical stage play ‘I Am Not Afraid’, focusing on the issue and addressing it from a new and very common sense perspective.

“The incidents of bullying that make the headlines each year, the ones leading to the most dreadful result, almost all occur between the grades of eight to twelve.  I asked myself, ‘where do these big bullies come from?’  The answer, obviously, little bullies.  Bullying that leads to attempted suicides, suicides, shooting rampages and such is perpetrated by teenagers who were probably bullies at a younger age.  The little bullies of today will grow to become bigger bullies tomorrow if left unchecked.”

The play, narrated by current Caroline High principal and former Bowling Green Elementary principal Jeff Wick, is a story of Loopiethotamus (a Chihuahua Who Thinks He is a Hippopotamus) who goes to school for the first time and is beset by a group of bullies.  Helping him face the challenges are his brother, sister, mother and father and new friends.   The story examines circumstances that cause a child to become a bully and how other students, teachers and family can help support the victim and show the little bullies how to overcome the hardships leading to their behavior.

The diverse 24-person cast consists entirely of local actors, dancers and liturgical mimes. The play ‘I Am Not Afraid’ is scheduled for two performances, September 19 and 20 at the Caroline County Community Center. Local businesses wishing to participate as sponsors may contact Ayana Sala Baugh at 804-552-0193 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information on the play visit:

For more information on Mrs. Baugh and Loopiethotamus visit:

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