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Sign up for our amazing Cool Things to Do eletter, delivered to your inbox every Wednesday and Saturday, chock full of the best family events in and around the Fredericksburg area. Leigha, FredParent's Calendar Mamma, works hard to make sure that our calendar is full of fun things to do - you don't want to miss out! Sign up below, and check out a sample of what you'll be seeing each week!

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Education: Learning is a life long process and FredParent is here to help make every moment a teaching moment for kids in all age groups ~ Toddlers & Preschoolers, School Aged Children, Tweens & Teens, and Parents. Best of all, it’s FREE. 

Prenatal & Infancy E-letter: It’s a whole new world when you're expecting or have a new addition to your family and FredParent can help navigate the way. As THE resource for all things family in our area, FredParent shares the best ways to help babies and new parents Eat, Sleep, Play and Learn.

Contests and Special Offers: Find out about special events around the 'Burg and be the first to hear about our contests!


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