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Mary Becelia, Blogs Community Manager. Mary has been with Fredericksburg Parent and Family since 2002, when she started as a free-lance writer. Currently she lives in Stafford, with her son, daughter, husband and two cats whose favorite hobby is fighting with one another. Her kids find that hobby quite fun, too! In addition, she has a dog who just wants to love everyone in the family. When she isn't chronicling some of the shenanigans at home or working with our fabulous bloggers, she enjoys organic gardening, checking out the world via Facebook and reading. She doesn't enjoy working out, cleaning house or doing the laundry, but she does all of those on a regular basis too. In addition to her work at FredParent, Mary works part time in the Office of Academic and Career Services at the University of Mary Washington. She holds a BA in English and a M.Ed in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia.