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Lorraine is a style obsessed mama to two young kids, a wife to a supportive husband and a family photographer. Lorraine graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006, with a degree in advertising photography. She enjoys quiet moments, silly kids, clothes, shoes, coffee and a little wine too. Can't get enough of her here on FredParent? Check out her personal blog: Rain in Style.


Rain in Style

Holiday Attire- Casual and Festive

Hi everyone! I am going to keep with the holiday theme for the next few posts. This week I want to chat briefly about casual holiday themed outfits. Next week, I'll talk about more dressy occasions. I was at Target the other day, you know...for fun and to "just look". As per usual, I found myself in their clothing section and I spotted the cutest holiday tops! They inspired me to do this casual and fun holiday outfit post. And, no, I am not talking about those fun holiday sweaters...Let's focus on having more subtle holiday spirit. 

IMG 4415

First up...this top from Target, find it here. I love this t-shirt, for its simplicity, and funny play on words. It's got holiday attitude, and I like it!  I decided to style this top mulitple different ways, to show how versatile and easy it is to wear. I think it works well with skirts or jeans, I of course, played up the attitudiness (is that a word?!?) of it; these are my favorite looks.  Of course you can substitute jeans for the skirts in any of these and still look amazing. Even try layering a plaid button down over top...even better, a buffalo plaid cardigan or button down. A tip: if you add buffalo plaid (the red and black block pattern) to an outfit, it will look instantly more festive.  

IMG 3405 a

Starting from the left, the Target shirt, here:  I paired it with my black Aqua tulle skirt, found on ThredUp, but similar here (that one is more puffy though, I have it in white), and a faux suede dark green motto jacket from T.J.Maxx.  My shoes are the buffalo plaid pattern that I talked about above, and are from DSW last year, similar here.  Next, I chaged out my jacket for a leopard print cardigan by Express from ThredUP, similar here. And, since it was a nicer day I could even wear it without anything over top (or for you warm weather folks).  Then the only thing I changed in the next two images was my skirt.  I switched to a faux leather pencil skirt by TOBI from ThredUp, similar here, and tights with black booties.  I wish I had worn more opague tights (like the ones in the last photo...I prefer opague tights by HUE).  The skirt in the last photo is probably my favorite LulaRoe skirt. It's like wearing a mermaid tail...except there's no tail.... Black cardigan is from Loft, similar here.  Black opague tights from HUE ( I buy mine at Marshalls).  


Remember how I mentioned that adding buffalo plaid to an outfit makes it instantly more festive? Actually, maybe I should have just titled this post "Ode to Buffalo Plaid" LOL.  But, really, case in point...this next sweatshirt style top that I found at Target, here, is a perfect example.  It's super soft, ya'll and yes you need one. It is also generic in its saying..."grateful" is perfect all year long, not just during the holidays.  By adding the buffalo plaid to it, I made it look more festive...


IMG 4401

IMG 4408

Ok, well, never mind that I am wearing a Santa hat...LOL. The plaid is what we makes the outfit. My bag is from Target; it's a Mossimo bag, but I found this beauty at Goodwill! The buffalo plaid adds a festive touch...OK OK, so does the Santa hat, but the Santa hat is   Either way, this top is cute in its simplicity, it is fitted and soft, and easily goes with jeans...or even possibly a pencil skirt! I will try that next time.


Last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to this cute sweatshirt.  It is by H&M, but I found it on Thredup. Sometimes, my husband doesn't think I'm funny...but I like the attitudiness of this top too...

IMG 4403

He'd probably prefer that no one wrap me up... but the shirt refers to him, sooooo.  I love the top because it is cute, sparkly, and comfy...a trifecta of joy! I mean who doesn't love sparkles...and gift wrap? LOL. And what's gift wrap without a bow? Get it... on my bag...the big bow.... Ok OK but for real, this entire outfit is actually from Thredup, including my bag which is by Betsey Johnson, similar here, and my shoes (which also have bows on the back).  My jeans are by my favorite J Brand, I get mine from ThredUP.  Nordstrom carries them, here, but they are pricey at full retail (check ThredUP, always check ThredUP!)  I love that this outfit doesn't use the typical holiday colors.  I adore having alternatives to the norm, don't you?

 IMG 4409


So, what do you think? Ready to try some festive outfits? Head on out to Target and pick up the ones that I just got...they also had a few other cute ones!  Stay tuned next week when I go from casual holiday attire to a little bit more fancy.  



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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you do any Black Friday shopping??? It's funny because I love shopping and good deals, but I never EVER go Black Friday shopping. The crowds and craziness are a little too much for me. I wait for Cyber Monday, because shopping+deals+staying home = A happy Lorraine. Plus, I get to stay home and look at my vintage Christmas decorations, which makes me extra happy.  

 48276540 5844 49E4 950F 1282E30FA3D3

No, but seriously, the holiday season is upon us - how did this even happen? Wasn't it summer like yesterday?? Regardless of whether you're still in denial or not, it's here. I love this time of year, so I thought that I would put together a little gift guide to kick off this holiday season. I have included some of my favorite things (how very Oprah of me), and most of the things have a bit of quirk to them...because that's me, I love me some quirk. Also, quite a few things can be found on Amazon, so that's a plus! I used the app, Polyvore to create this collage. It's one of my favorite style apps, and you can find it here.

IMG 1656 copySo going down the list, here is where to find each item.   

  1. Floral iPhone case-  I love all things floral, espcially dark floral.  This case just might find its way into my stocking.
  2. Tory Burch Crystal Stud Earrings- I am not usually a Tory Burch fan, but I love that these earrings are simple, sparkly, and rose colored...a trifecta of joy.  
  3. Heart Stud Earrings- What's better than sparkles? Hearts! And these are rose gold, so that's an extra bonus.
  4. Hello Darling Clutch- This is one of the items that I own and love.  Perfect for a night out or whenever you want to add a bit of quirk to your outfit, which for me is every day. 
  5. Books and Coffee shirt- This one sold out in the original link from Polyvore. I hunted down a similar one, and I love that with this option you can choose the style of shirt.  I think this might end up under my tree...thank you Santa! 
  6. Travel Mug- I mean, it says "This is probably wine" AND has a gold top?!?!'s kinda perfect. #truth.
  7. Blanket Scarf- are you tired of me recommending this scarf? no? good! I have this, it's my favorite, it sells out fast.  Get it while you can and wrap it up from Santa!
  8. Trinket Tray- It's so cute!! and a flamingo to boot... adorable.
  9. Envelope clutch- Yes, this is pricey. However, I think it's beautiful. The clutch comes in black too, which is nice, but this irredescent color is unique and eyecatching. It would be perfect for an evening out. Include tickets to an event inside, or a special invite to dinner out for two! 
  10. "Less Whine More Wine" shirt- can I get an amen?!? The one in Polyvore sold out, but I found a similar version. Perfect for the wino moms (like me).
  11. Scented Candles- any Game of Thrones fans or book lovers here? I just love the names of the scents on these! They come in a wide range of scents, all with clever names.  I didn't see one with a "John Snow" scent...but that would be lovely.
  12. Journal- This just makes me giggle. Pair it with the pens in #16.
  13. Mug- "Be a unicorn in a field of horses" it's one of my favorite sayings, and it's a great thing to ponder over your morning coffee. Gift it with coffee, or use it to wrap up the earrings in #2 or #3.
  14. Nickel & Suede earrings-  I have been eyeing these for a long time, they get rave reviews. These earrings are made of lightweight leather, they come in a ton of colors, and in three differenet sizes.  I plan on getting the medium size in the color shown.  
  15. Turquoise earrings- I have these and adore them.  Perfect touch of color, and they are not too heavy to wear all day.  
  16. Pen set- Perfect for a stocking stuffer.  I love the cute sayings and cheerful colors.  
  17. Magnetic Bracelet- I love bracelets that close with a magnet.  I can't ever seem to be able to clasp a bracelet that isn't a magnet. This one is nice in that it has different metal tones, which I dig.  
  18. Wine glasses - Two sayings that a lot of us use daily...oh, just me? LOL.  Plus, they hold wine... so #winning!


I mentioned that I have a few of these items already. Here they are in real life..

  • The scarf (#7) 

IMG 9968 comp


  • Hello Darling Clutch (#4)-

IMG 4938 comp 

  • Turquoise Earrings (#15)-

IMG 4586 

So, there ya have it.  Some of my favorite things, some quirky things, and of course all stylish.  Will any of these be on your wish list? Let me know what other beautiful things that you get for the holidays.  


Stay tuned next week when I I talk about a few fun, casual holiday outfits, featuring two tops that I recently got from Target!



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A Word of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I know most of us are busy with holiday preparations, so thanks for stopping by to hang out for a minute. Whether you are traveling or staying at home, I hope you are enjoying the time spent with family and friends.  I thought for this week's post, I would just talk briefly about what I am thankful for.  Yes it might be a little cliché, but it's Thanksgiving, after all, and what better time then now to show gratitude and thankfulness.

 IMG 4978 copy


So, first, I am thankful for my little family of four.  My husband of almost ten years is my rock. We have weathered quite a few storms, and always manage to come out stronger than before. There isn't a better co-pilot than he. My kids, are the light of my world. They are little versions of my husband and me, and what a blessing it is to be their mom. I know I struggle with mommyhood quite often...but I always know, that much like weathering storms in marriage, I can weather storms in parenting and come out stronger. Above all, I am thankful that we are all here together.

  MG 3914 a fix

IMG 0600


Second, I am thankful for my extended family, both my side and my husband's side. I don't have a picture of all of my husband's family together - I'll have to fix that! This is my family, and I am grateful for all of them. Especially for my parents, who not only brought me into this world, but made sure I made it through some difficult years.  

 14889977 1221763004546495 4146401374386843306 o


Third, I am thankful for my friends.  I don't really keep a large group of friends; I find comfort in a smaller, tighter circle.  Each and every one of my friends holds an important place in my heart.    

 IMG 9532 copy


I am also thankful for my jobs. Yes, both my photography job and my blogging job are blessings. I love my photography clients; I love seeing their families and watching their kids grow through my lens. It's an amazing gift that I have, to be able to capture moments that will stay with families and be cherished forever. I am often called "the baby whisperer" because my tiniest clients love my shooooshing sounds, and that brings me so much joy. Writing for this blog is also a blessing. Being able to give women confidence and style help is something that I greatly enjoy. 

IMG 8583 copy


I am thankful for my fitness journey and for my trainer who keeps me in line. It has proven to be exactly what I needed to find myself again. However, it's not only beneficial to me, it has also inspired my kids to "work out". They try to do the things that I do, and that is possibly the biggest blessing of them all. For my kids to know the value of having healthy habits and seeing me as strong, not skinny.  

 IMG 7437 copy


I am also thankful for every new day, for every sunrise, for every new beginning. For laughter, smiles, kindness and love. I'm thankful for having a house to call home, warm water and food at the ready. Things that often get taken for granted. Often, when I am having one of those rough days (or weeks, or months..), I look at this saying that hangs in my house...There is always something to be thankful for.  

 IMG 9957 copy

And that is so very true. Even if there doesn't seem to be much in your life at the moment to be thankful for...there is always something. If nothing else, be thankful that you are here to grace the Earth, that you are here to share your light. I am thankful for that, I am thankful for you. 


So cheers, everyone. Enjoy each other, laugh together, eat, drink and be thankful.

IMG 6159 


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Style Confidence

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my little corner of the world. There has been a topic that I have wanted to write about for awhile now, so I thought I would take a moment this week and talk about it. Confidence. Yes, confidence in your style choices, but also about finding confidence in yourself when the world seems to be a dreary weary place (bonus points if you know the children’s book I’m referencing).

Why do I feel the need to talk about having confidence? Well, what a lot of you probably don’t know about me is that I was a troubled teenager, I struggled with self confidence and I always felt like I never fit in. I was different, I was rough... and I was unsure. This photo sums up my path to self confidence.. me in high school, to about a year after my youngest was born, to a few months ago.  Notice the fake smile in the first two.

IMG 2669 copy

As much as I was teased back in high school, it didn’t break me. It hardened me, in a way, and I dealt with it in very unhealthy ways. Back then we didn’t have social media, and I am actually thankful for that. I feel for kids these days, with access to a big, crazy and often scary digital world of anonymity. For me, being in the social media world, I have learned VERY quickly that I have to have even tougher skin than before and I have to remain confident in myself no matter what others say...and trust me people have lots to say. Not always the nicest things either. It used to hurt me. It has broken me...But not anymore.

IMG 0703

Now, instead of reacting to hurtful words, instead of letting anyone try to take me down a notch, I smile back and walk away. The way I see it, only people who, for whatever reason, see themselves as less than you will try to bring you down to their level. It’s a problem within themselves, not a problem within you. If you let them tear you down, they win. Don’t let them win.

IMG 7445

Now, that’s all very easy to say, however, how do you find that confidence? How do you find a way to tune out negativity and just be you? Start by understanding that you are YOU, and no one needs to give you their approval to look whatever way you want. I have bright pink hair, and I love suits me. Others don’t like it (trust me, I know). I wear heels all the time, get dressed up for everything, I wear quirky shirts and tight clothing...plenty of people have made ther distaste for my outfit choices known. Before, I would have questioned my choices, but now...I own them. Because now, I understand that it’s ok for someone to not like your style choices, and it’s even more ok for you to smile and walk away.  Laughing as you go.

IMG 9959

So, I want to beg you to not find your confidence in conformity, but to be the bright spot in a grey world. We need more rainbows, more confidence and self love. Know that you are beautiful, you are unique and the world needs your brightness. Don’t ever let anyone steal that from you. As a style blogger, I want to be someone that helps refine you but doesn’t define you.

IMG 7988 copy

I hope that I can inspire you with my style advice, to go out there in the world with be a knock out.  But I also want you to remain your unique and beautiful self.  



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Over the Moon for Over the Knee Boots

Oh, I know that title is kind of cheesy, but it's also pretty accurate.  I am indeed over the moon for over the knee boots (or OTK in style lingo). I thought that this week, I would chat a little bit about how to style them and give you some outfit ideas. Grab a coffee (pumpkin spice is optional) and let's talk about OTK boots.

IMG 9265

 I have two pairs of OTK's, one black pair and one tan pair.  I got the black ones last fall, and admittedly, I didn't wear them often. Partly because I didn't know how to style them, and partly because I just wasn't confident enough to wear them. They do take a little bit of getting used to, but I encourage you to try them.  Both of mine came from DSW. They are Unisa brand, and you can find them here.  You know me and heels, so of course mine have heels, I have seen some OTK's that are flat or have a lower heel, if you prefer. That's a presonal preference.  I like the Unisa ones because of the ties at the top that hold the boots up. However, when I wear mine with a dress and no tights, they don't stay up well.  I'm considering using tape...I'm not joking.  

 IMG 3861


The ties at the top are adjustable, so it makes it easier to adjust it for bare legs vs jeans.  I tried on a pair of cute ones at T.J.Maxx a week ago which had elastic at the top.  Be careful with that style! When I put them on, they squeezed my thighs so it looked like my thighs were overflowing my boots. Like a muffin top, but on my legs. They were uncomfortably tight at the top.  I am sure that they'd stay up without worry, but I won't sacrifice blood circulation for OTK's that stay up.


Once you find a pair that you like, the fun really begins!  Here are a few styling ideas to help get some ideas going. First, a general "rule" about wearing OTK's: they need to be balanced. These boots make a statement, so to balance that, keep other areas covered. Don't wear a tank top, or strapless dress with OTK's. Generally speaking, you want to keep arms covered, with long sleeves, or layer over a tank top with a cardigan. 

  • Mix Textures- my OTK's are faux suede and one of my favorite ways to wear them is with my black faux leather leggings, like this... It's also a great way to break up and add interest to an all black outfit. Black leggings would also work well; wear with a tunic and a long necklace or scarf and you are all set.

IMG 3860

  • Add Layers- I like to add layers when I wear my OTK's.  It helps to balance the outfit.  Try adding a blanket scarf, a vest, jacket or cardigan.  IMG 4693
  • Try them with dresses- admittedly, this can be difficult.  There are some people that think OTK's with a dress reminds them of a Pretty Woman situation.  I am not one of those people.  I like to pair mine with flowy dresses, and sweater dresses, like these two, because the bulk and volume of them balance the boots.  Add a jacket, vest or scarf to create more balance and interest.

 IMG 9856 copy

  • Try them with jeans- I love OTK's with jeans, but it only works with skinny jeans.  Again, I try to balance my top half with a flowier shirt or a jacket or long cardigan.IMG 4709
  • Add Drama to basics- OTK's are a great way to add interest to a simple outfit.  This dress is sleeveless, so I added a cardigan to balance the boots (like my first "rule" above) Also, notice here that My cardigan is chunky and long enough to touch my boots; that's a great way to balance a fitted dress and the boots.  Without the cardigan, this outfit would not work.IMG 3864


 Try them with shorts- I have yet to take this look for a trial run, because... see my face here? I'm not quite sure yet if I like the look, but in theory it works.  I might try it with a chunkier cardigan (like the one above) and a different scarf.  It's edgy and bold... two things that I there's that. IMG 9553

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give over the knee boots a chance? I say go for it... Let me know how you style them! I always need new ideas.


Stay tuned next week for more style talk.


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