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Susan Wanderer has worked with families in kids ministry for 20 years, with the last ten years serving as Kids Minister at Mount Ararat Church in Stafford. Susan and her husband Ed reside in Fredericksburg and have three amazing kids who joined their family in 2011 and who fill their days with adventure. Come join the conversation over at 

My Stomping Grounds

It’s politics season! Although, we live in a suburb of DC, so is it ever non-politics season around here? 

The National Two Party Conventions played out on TVs across the land these last two weeks. And as all good Washingtonians/NOVA-ians I have had the chatter of the RNC and DNC in the background as I go about my evening activities.

I have not completely paid full focused attention on either of the shows conventions. But I have given just enough attention to them to be able to have a sensible conversation around the water cooler.

Then, on Monday night I heard the cheers as Michele Obama took the stage. Not unusual, the FLOTUS usually brings a roaring crowd, especially at the DNC.




But all politics aside, she looked stunning. And that dress, bless that beautiful blue.

Her words caused me to lean in towards my laptop to hear more. I found myself nodding at a few statements.

Then she proclaimed, with full confidence: Our motto is: When they go low, we go high.


I stood up and applauded at my dining room table like a baker who had just heard the secret ingredient to Grandma’s homemade fudge!

No matter your political view or if you even agree or disagree with the other 99% of what she said in her speech, that sentence right there: Gold.

And as a mom trying to parent three kids who are watching adults on both sides of the aisle act like kids in a school yard, I want my Wanderer Kids to know Team Wanderer needs to choose high when other people go low.

Because plenty of people, political candidates, kids at recess, bullies, and friends will go low in their lifetime. And as their mom, I need to teach them what it means to choose high. (And I need to practice that myself).

Let’s try these options:

  1. Honor Others. Even when people make you want to roll your eyes to the top of your brows.
  2. Be Quick To Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to Become Angry. Listen more, speak less, control the temper.
  3. Be Kind. Let’s figure out a way to stand strong for our convictions in a way that allows kindness to flow from our actions and words. Kindness moves the heart towards a greater understanding and peace.

This is not a Democrat-Thing or a Republican-Thing. This is a Human-Being-Thing. We need to show our children we will not stoop to the name-calling, bullying or irrational behavior when others are behaving that way. We will rise up higher than that.

If families took this motto to heart: When they go low, we go high… this upcoming generation would live in a different world.

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