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Organizing Through Life

I just sat down and looked at my schedule for the rest of the year. Well, don’t you know that it is packed ….again! Sometimes things don’t change. :)

Every year I have the vision of just sitting back, enjoying myself, baking cookies, making candy and just taking a moment to breathe. I have the vision of watching a day full of Christmas movies and maybe a nap or two.  I also have the unrealistic image that someone else does most of the decorating, etc.

Christmas balls

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do the part of the holidays that we “like” to do? Unfortunately, there are a lot of other things that I don’t enjoy quite so much – like sweeping up needles from under the tree or doing all of the dishes after a large meal or wrapping all of the presents.

What I have decided to do is to focus on what is really important for Christmas. For our family that means making some cookies, getting a tree and finding a time that we can all spend time together. For this to happen, I have to pull out the calendar and put it all on my schedule.

Let’s take just one of thing on the list – the Christmas tree. We support a local tree farm (the owner actually drove my kids school bus when they were little, which is so cool.)

 Before we go out to get the tree, I will have one of the guys go into the attic and bring down all of the ornaments. (They will also bring down all of the other decorations but I won’t bother with them right now.) All I am concentrating on at this moment is the tree.  I allow at least 1 hour to get there, find the tree and bring it home.

You get the gist of the story. We typically do our tree “shopping” on a Saturday afternoon with our focus broken into three areas…1.  Pick out the tree and bring it home. 2. Put it up (this includes putting the lights on it)  3. Decorating the tree and snacking on popcorn.

I never, ever try to overload a schedule to the point that it causes frustration, stress or anxiety.  In this case, any stress that I feel is caused by me not taking a careful look at my schedule and clearly defining when I have the time to do all of the required steps.  Just so you know…it will be next weekend, December 6th at 10:00 am.

Do I sound anal? Sorry if I do – but I find it more helpful to plan it out and enjoy the family time rather than getting all stressed out.

What is your family tree story? 

Need help getting organized for the holidays? Give us a call for a special holiday rate! 

Linda Clevenger


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