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Barbie is known for being a toy, just something that girls (and some boys) play with. Yet, she is so much more than that. She has been both praised and condemned. Like every one of us, she has a history.

The Barbie doll was invented in 1959; Ruth Handler is credited with creating her. Barbie is named after her daughter, Barbara, and Ken, named after her son, Ken Handler.

Well, now that you have a little bit of backstory, I want to prove to you that Barbie is more than just blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m going to convince you that Barbie is more than her dream house and wardrobe. She is more than her cars and horses, too!!!

I want to focus on the positive effects that she has on the youth of every the whole entire UNIVERSE!!

While I am (very) pro-Barbie, even I can admit it’s easy to see the cons related to Barbie’s character and her giggly attitude, not to mention the way she looks. With an impossible hourglass shape, MASSIVE blue eyes, unbelievably pointed feet, and arms and legs the width of a toothpick, one of Barbie’s greatest enemies is herself and her figure. Also, her character is questionable in the more modern shows where she is featured. She can be played as a spoiled brat, who spends all day shopping. In the somewhat new show, “Barbie, Life in the Dream House”, I feel she is portrayed as someone who doesn’t have a brain, and is only worried about her next date with her boyfriend, Ken. Also, her obsession with pink can become quite obnoxious.

Many doctors and therapists have repeatedly cited Barbie as one of the most negative influences on girls’ body image due to her impossible hip, waist, and chest measurements. Along those same lines, Barbie is never out of money, food, or friends, and she is always happy, drives the best car, and lives in the best house in the best neighborhood. This makes most girls, me included, mostly jealous.

But, let’s talk about how all of these traits actually can make Barbie a positive influence on girls today, especially me! Barbie is so kind to everyone. She is even nice to people who are mean to her, like Raquelle, who is always nasty to her. Barbie always makes good choices! She can do anything! Some of the best jobs that Barbie has had include being a veterinarian, a teacher, and an airline pilot. She helps animals, kids, and helps keep people safe while traveling. Barbie even takes care of her sisters and friends. She has even run for president a couple of times! Her character, I believe, is actually really good. She is generous, ambitious, smart, and a strong leader.

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I think Barbie is actually a great female role model for girls, because I don’t just see a pretty girl wearing lots of make-up, high heels and a really fancy dress. I see a strong, brave girl. I see a girl who isn’t afraid to work or get her hands dirty if she needs to. I see a veterinarian helping animals. I see a doctor helping people to feel better and stay well. I even see a strong woman running for president of the United States of America! Barbie is one of the most positive role models available to girls today. She is beautiful, and not just on the outside.

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles Kids' Race Series


From a small beginning, Cathy Weise of the Ron Rosner YMCA has developed an ambitious three-race series for kids for this summer, with the help of The Great Train Race, Shannon Airport, Dominion Raceway & Entertainment, the Fredericksburg Area Service League and Race Timing Unlimited.

Great Train Race Director Jennifer Taylor was one of the first on board.