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Just after the first snow of the New Year, my family decided to go to Harry’s. This new alehouse is located in West Fredericksburg, in Harrison Crossing. We were seated in a side booth as soon as we walked in the door, but no one came to take our order for a while. By the time someone came to ask what we wanted to drink, we had already picked what we were going to eat. The waitress apologized that no one had come to serve us. She brought our drinks and took our orders.

I ordered the grilled salmon BLT, Jack, my little brother, ordered the black bean burger, and Luke, my youngest brother, ordered the Steady Eddie grilled cheese. They all came with a side of home fries. The waitress was very nice to us, and she referred to us as “sir” and “ma’am”. The grilled salmon BLT is made with grilled salmon, apple wood bacon, fried Granny Smith apple slices, lettuce, tomato, and lemon aioli on herbed focaccia bread. The Steady Eddie is fried green tomatoes, applewood bacon, and melted pimento cheese on toasted rye bread. The black bean burger is a black bean burger with Granny Smith apple jicama slaw.

While we waited for our food, I read the restaurant’s “story” on the back of the table tent menu. The story is about a dog named Harry who saw the need for a restaurant in Harrison Crossing and gathered a group of people to build a family-friendly restaurant. Luke thought it was hilarious. He also thought the kids’ menu was hilarious because they named the options “I don’t know,” “I don’t care,” “I’m not hungry,” and “I don’t want that.”

My BLT was delicious. The salmon was grilled perfectly. I thought the apple would taste weird in the sandwich, but it added a flavorful sour taste. The fries were also very good. You could taste that they were hand cut, not slimy frozen garbage.

Grilled salmon BLTGrilled Salmon BLT

Jack loved his black bean burger and fries as well.

Black bean burgerBlack bean burger

Luke, on the other hand, didn’t like his sandwich at all. He thought that there was too much pimento cheese and he didn’t like the texture. He also said that it was too sour and salty. I tried it and thought it tasted fine, but I agreed that the fried green tomato was a little sour and salty.

Steady Eddie grilled cheeseSteady Eddie grilled cheese

Of course the three of us were not there alone! My dad ordered a cup of beer cheese soup, a soup with pale ale with cheddar cheese, bell peppers, onions, and German sausage, but it never came. We brushed it off because it was just something he wanted to try. We assumed they just forgot about it and didn’t put it on the check, but it was. My dad told the waitress and she apologized and took it off the check.

I really liked Harry’s Alehouse. The food was great. The service was lacking that day, but other reviews that I checked said it was usually good. We will be back a second time. If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant in Fredericksburg, you should try Harry’s Alehouse.

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Pouches' Community Corner

Adoptive parents in Fredericksburg now have a new partner on their journey to a healthy family. In 2016, Children’s Home Society was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services to extend their Richmond area post-adoptive services to the Fredericksburg area.


Now CHS is looking to find adoptive families in the area who need support before they hit a crisis point. “It doesn’t matter which agency they adopted from, or when that happened,” said Buckheit. “We want to offer a lifetime of support to adoptive families in the Fredericksburg area, especially those who haven’t been aware of our services in the past.”