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On the first day of middle school I woke up jittery and nervous, I had a ton of worries:

(1) What if I forget my locker combination?


(2) What if I can’t find my locker?

And those negative thoughts churning through my brain weren’t even the worst!

(3) Where will I sit at lunch?

(4) Will the seventh and eighth graders give me a swirly?!

Turns out that the eighth graders just look down on us; they don’t want to make our lives miserable; most don’t even want to talk to sixth graders. Seventh graders are better; I am in a math class with about half seventh graders and they’re nice enough. As for the locker worry, only a few people got their locker on the first day, because we had to turn in forms before a locker was assigned. On the second day I opened my locker on my first try, and memorized my combination before 2:00pm!

Finding my locker also wasn’t a problem, it’s right next door to my core 3 class and it’s a top locker, so that was a bonus (the problem with the lower lockers is that you have to crouch down on your knees to get to them).

Okay, here is the craziest part of my middle school career so far, and something I never even thought of in advance, of or was worried about. On day one, THE POWER IN MY SCHOOL WENT OUT BECAUSE A VEHICLE RAN INTO THE POWER LINES!!!!! It was dark way past lunch and into my band class! So during lunch we all sat with our core 2 class (we were supposed to sit with core 3 but with the power outage that didn’t happen). And for the rest of the school year I sit with core 3 at lunch which has most of my friends. Whew!

P.S. Here is the 5th and final fear that I had: that the bus wouldn’t come. Sure enough, on the first day of school I waited and waited. No bus!* My dad had to drive me. So that fear did come true, but it wasn’t too bad because I made it to middle school on time, despite that one problem.

*Well, later my mom told it did finally come--super late--so technically that one did not happen either!

I’m a 6th grader in Stafford County. When I’m not in school, I enjoy reading, biking, playing ping-pong, hiking and jumping off cliffs (into pools of water). I also enjoy writing and have been writing short stories since I was four.

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles Kids' Race Series


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