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Fitness & Motherhood

Spring is finally here and that hopefully means nice weather! All winter we have been itching to get outside and now we can. The outdoors have so many exercise options; riding bikes with the family, playing t-ball in the front yard or running around the neighborhood. All of these are great ways to have fun and stay fit but have you thought of joining a charity walk or run in the area? This is a great way to not only exercise but to raise awareness and money for local causes and groups.

This April Stroller Strides of Fredericksburg will be taking part in Walk MS in Fredericksburg. This walk is very close to our heart. We will be walking in support of a fellow Stroller Strider who was diagnosed last May with MS. She has been so strong through everything and it is our goal to raise awareness and money for this debilitating disease. Taking part in this walk is a great way to exercise, give back to our community and support an amazing friend!

Do you have a cause close to your heart? Do you love helping others? Do you like to get fresh air? Do you love to exercise? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then participating in a charity walk or run is for you! I have compiled a list of local walks and races that you can join to help make a difference.

HeartChase Fredericksburg March 23, 2013
Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K April 13, 2013
Walk MS Fredericksburg April 20, 2013
Richmond Arthritis Walk April 20, 2013
March of Dimes April 20, 2013
Walk to Cure Diabetes April 27, 2013
AVON Walk for Breast Cancer May 4 & 5, 2013
Relay for Life June 1, 2013
Run for the River June 16, 2013
Walk to End Alzheimer's September 28, 2013

Did you find an event that you and some friends would like to participate in? I hope so! All of us at Stroller Strides are so excited to give back to the community and show support for a dear friend by walking in Walk MS. Just think that if everyone in our community was involved in one of these events whether walking or donating, the awareness we could raise for our fellow neighbors in need! Get out there and start walking and spreading the word!

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About Alison

Alison Neal is the owner of Stroller Strides of Fredericksburg. Stroller Strides is a total body workout that is done alongside your baby. Each instructor modifies the workouts for all fitness levels. As a mother, Alison knows it is hard to fit workouts into a busy schedule, but follow her blog right here for great fitness and healthy living tips! You can also learn more about Stroller Strides by visiting her website.


Pouches' Community Corner

On August 17, three weeks after a routine pediatrician appointment for their then 4-month-old son, Levi, Liz and Angel Colon received news that no parent ever wants to hear: Levi’s liver wasn’t processing bile correctly, and he will very likely need a liver transplant—and time is of the essence.

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