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This year for the first time my family joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). A CSA is a great way to support local farms and experience fresh, seasonal local produce. Snead's Farm (located on Rt. 17 just past Belvedere Plantation) has offered a CSA program which runs for 16 weeks from May to September, with one fall and winter delivery. The basic principle is that a family joins a farm for the season by buying a share, and for 16 weeks they receive a portion of the farm’s harvest. This  is a great way to experience seasonal produce and try some items that you might not normally buy. Because the offerings can be quite large, I divided a share with my good friend.

The first week we received radishes, among other items, in our CSA box. This is something I would not normally buy. After trying them, my son now claims he LOVES them (see our video on trying radishes). Last month we even planted radishes in our own garden! Throughout the summer Snead's provided us with some wonderful produce, from berries to greens, squash to eggplant, melons to corn (there was a LOT of corn in the middle of the summer!) Of course, we got bunches of asaparagus (their specialty). Last week I picked up my fall delivery which consisted of several carving and heirloom pumpkins, collard and kale greens, raspberries, apples, turnips, and tomatoes. This December CSA members will even get a Christmas Tree!

Considering the variety and amount of produce we enjoyed, I would say that the CSA offered by Sneads is definitely a great value. It is also fun to get to know the farm and experience a sense of community by visiting every week and seeing the same people picking up their CSA boxes.   On several days when I would pick up, I would see families with a packed lunch just enjoying the farm before taking their boxes home. In my Pediatrics practice I try to stress the importance of including enough plant foods in children’s diets. Joining a CSA one great way to get the kids eating more of those kinds of foods.

To learn more about Snead’s Farm CSA, and to see a detailed list of their offerings for this entire season, visit their website. They are now taking applications for their 2012 season, with a 10% discount for those who sign up before November 1. This is a great time of year to visit the farm for pumpkin picking and other fall activities. 

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Nimali Fernando, MD is a local pediatrician and mom who is passionate about teaching families about feeding kids nutritious foods. Follow her blog to find out about local healthy food finds for kids, recipes, and how to make feeding kids an enriching family experience. You can also check out her website, for more great ideas on feeding children healthy foods.


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