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If you read my bio, you know that I have a large family.  Well, much to my husband and my surprise, we found out in December that we would be adding to it.  I am excited to report that we are expecting a son sometime between now and the first week of August.  We are overjoyed to meet our new family member!


The name of this blog is “Babies Can’t Wait” and my little one is no exception.  I have already started having contractions and do not know when he will make his appearance.  So, I am taking a deep breath and taking a break.  I will not be writing over the summer.  I plan to return back to blogging in the fall, but I want to take some time to focus on my new little man.  Stay tuned, though.  We may have some guest bloggers to fill in with helpful tips while I am out.

I look forward to having new stories for you in October.

Final thoughts:

Remember, PEID staff members are still here to help you if you have concerns about your child’s development!  Remember, Babies Can’t Wait!  Find us on Facebook or Contact the Parent Education –Infant Development Program of the RACSB:

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Join my blog to find early childhood developmental tips, tidbits, strategies, and activities to support children and families.   As a mother of multiple sons (18, 14, 8, 6, and 3), I know that life can be hectic, so all strategies and activities can fit in the context of daily routines and places families typically go.

I am enthusiastic about supporting families who have concerns about their child’s development and helping connect them to desired resources.

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